The world of kind art

Stay home and enjoy it!

And who’s better at painting, how do you think? Personally I know many men-artists, for example, Van Gogh, Raphael, da Vinci, Munk.  But you’ll never guess, whose name comes the first in my list! However, if you’ve ever bought pieces of art online, you might have seen Leonid Afremov canvases. I couldn’t take my eyes away from these incredible pictures! Afremov paints so well, that the canvases look realistic and it seems they’re just in front of you. So you see, it’s not necessary to go to the gallery if you want to purchase a painting. Art online auction sites will make your shopping even better:

  • You’ll save your money
  • You can choose the work of art with your family at any time
  • You don’t have to worry how to bring it home (in case, if it’s large). Because they will deliver it right to your house.

Today it’s popular to sell art online. Auction sites give a good opportunity to buy it cheap but good!

It’s a kind of magic

I’d like to tell you more about Leonid Afremov. I would compare him to one of experienced magicians from Harry Potter. His brush is like a magic wand – it makes wonders! Of course, he doesn’t wear a hat and a mantle. His best attire is his soul. I know that it’s kind, because only a kind person could have painted such pictures. They’re sunlit and warm. Afremov oil canvases tell wonderful stories about autumn trees and snowy rivers, night cities and parks in the morning. It’s great that such people as Leonid live in our world – they make it better. I believe that if everyone tries to do good, the mankind will survive. So if you’re out of smiles, participate in an art online auction. Just visit the artist’s web-site, buy a painting to your taste and hang it in your room. These three simple steps will improve your mood. Let art live, let it fill your heart with love!

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Who runs the world?

Our society is changing. As I meet different people every day, I started to notice that. If in the past women played the role of housekeepers and mothers, nowadays many of them work for being independent. That’s why it’s normal to give birth to a child at 30-35 because the job is on the first place. But what kind of job do girls choose today? The one which brings money. For example, a computer engineer. In general, everything that’s connected with information technology constitutes a profitable business. Though men are kings in IT sphere, women aren’t afraid to test their strength in it too. And some special centers even encourage them to do it. According to this article, National Center for Women and Information Technology organized additional computing education at the universities in order to increase women’s participation in the field. And as a result, it has received many favorable comments. The program has helped the girls to gain more confidence in their technical abilities and it has really increased their enthusiasm. I think that both men and women can contribute to the case. And when we limit their spheres of influence, we lose a half of possible innovations in each profession. It relates not only to IT jobs. Let’s take cooking, for example. Would you agree that men are better at preparing meat?

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We’re so different and it’s our advantage!

Love for all ages

Hi, people! I’m Ann Jackson from Bismarck, which is in North Dakota. I’m 25 years old. I work as a make–up artist. Young girls pay a lot of attention to their appearance, so usually my clients are 16-25 years old. But exceptions happen. A 57-year-old lady came to my salon yesterday. I tried not to look surprised and just asked how I could help her. In half an hour the lady was looking in the mirror and couldn’t recognize herself. And what is more, she wasn’t preparing for a birthday or any other party. She was getting married! Can you imagine that?